About ZewParts LLC

ZewParts LLC, is a Zewski Corporation sister company which was initially designed primarily as a administrative method to separate "stuff" prototyping costs from "time" Zewski Corporation's hourly billing associated with product design.  However, we quickly realized an opportunity to use the new company as a platform to share creative ideas from the team and clients trying to test their ideas.

With this secondary goal to share and build upon new ideas in general, rather than being a profit machine, it opened the door to all kinds of co-op marketing opportunities and brand building of our primary business Zewski Corporation and its clients who are the idea people behind the next great ideas we will see in our generation. 

With the financial constraints off, zewparts.com will become a place of just sharing crazy new ways of looking at the already existing trends out there, giving the public the first look at a new idea being testing in the marketplace or just a place to pick up some fun ZewGear that promotes forward thinking and creativity.

Everything for order on ZewParts will be limited production shipped from Magnolia, Texas.  Some items are available for free or discounted deeply if you are willing to fill out a quick survey.  Other pricing is based on parts being made a few at a time either in a 3D printing process and hand cleaned and prepped or a limited production hand assembled.  Linked sites are either products Zewski Corporation has designed with its clients or products we just think are awesome and worth sharing.

Remember as you develop your own ideas, if you get stuck: modify, rethink, and tread forward.  If you don't give up it's hard to fail.  Have fun and design with manic creativity!

Larry Kiliszewski, Founder and President